Published Work

Over the past two years my work has been published, both in print and online by a number of outlets including the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy, Air Forces Monthly and the British Forces Broadcasting Services – please see below for more details.



RAF Chinook Display Team
RAF Odiham Station Magazine (Helicon), August 2013

PublishedWorkAugust copy

2013 Chinook Display Article (Click To Download)


‘Queen of The Skies’ Moves In At Dunsfold
Global Aviation Resource, September 2013


VC-10 Retirement Article (Click To Download)


Op HERRICK 19 Media Day
RAF Odiham Station Magazine (Helicon), October 2013
BFBS News, October 2013



Op HERRICK 19 Media Day Article (Click To Download)


Sea Vixen XP924/G-CVIX’s owner speaks
Global Aviation Resource, February 2014


Sea Vixen Article (Click To Download)

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