Autumn Days

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Summer is over and the clocks have gone back…

Those warm days spent at airshows over June, July and August seem like a lifetime ago and now we’re stuck with the shorter days and colder temperatures. However, just because its cold and dark, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do – there’s still plenty of things going on to photograph!

For wildlife photography, this is easily the best time of the year – a lot of animals are very active before the Winter and the rich autumnal colours are simply stunning.

A few weekends ago I spent the day down at the New Forest Wildlife Park – a small wildlife park in the centre of the New Forest National Park. The park is home to many interesting species including the giant otter, red neck wallaby, European grey wolf, as well as natives like the fallow deer, several owls and the beautiful pine marten.

This is also one of my favourite times of the year because you get to wrap up, stand outside and freeze while watching bright colours flash about in the sky. I love bonfire night, there’s always a great atmosphere and it can make for some really interesting photographs.

I also happened to be out shopping when there was an impromptu fashion show the other weekend. I really wish I’d had my SLR and 50mm lens on me – sadly I had to settle for my S3.  Perhaps one day I will be photographing fashion but not any time soon, even so it was nice to see.

So that’s what Autumn’s held for me so far…what will Winter bring?

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