F.A.S.T Nightshoot – Farnborough Air Sciences Trust


Saturday 21st January saw the second night-shoot held at the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust Museum in Farnborough. The museum itself is run entirely by volunteers and houses the history of aviation in Farnborough as well as all things from the days of the Royal Aircraft Establishment.

The museum houses a vast variety of articles including wind tunnel models, helmets, engines, and a room dedicated to scale models of types that have a history with Farnborough. For any aviation fan though, F.A.S.T’s collection of ‘raspberry ripple’ ex-RAE aircraft have to be the star pieces; a Puma, Hunter, Gnat and Jaguar. As well as the RAE types, there is also a Lightning, Harrier and the newest member, the Beagle Basset prototype.

In the last six months the team have put up a new storage facility to hold the rest of the artefacts that have lived over the other side of the airfield for years. As I was organising this event, I got the chance to have a look inside and when I say its full of superb stuff, I mean it! It was about 4pm and the only light available in the unit was daylight. On the ground floor were several items of particular interest; the engine housing of Concorde plus its engines, lots of wind tunnel models and two particularly special little gems – the bodies of an ex-Royal Navy Westland Wasp and Augusta Westland Lynx (that I’m told was used for radar testing). From what we discussed, the long term plan is to get them out on display but that will be some time yet!

Once the lighting was set up and people started arriving, it was time to get the camera out and start shooting. This was only my second night shoot and the conditions at F.A.S.T are tricky – the street lamps give out a very annoying orange glow and plays havoc with white balance. Anyway on with the show…

Thank you to all those that attended!

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